2020 Day Program Reading Challenge

Every year, the Day Program participates in the Reading Challenge to share our love of reading! This year, "A Race through Space" Reading Challenge will start on March 1 and will last until March 31. Bailey, our school mascot, is going to be the astronaut and will fly with to explore the solar system! Each classroom door (or window) will turn into one of the eight planets for Bailey to visit as the children read (both at home and school)! We will get together on the 31st to count and celebrate the books we read!

Day Program teachers will provide parents and children with reading logs to record the book titles they read at home. We need your help to sign off on books read at home for them to count toward the reading challenge. Thank you for your participation!

Read With Me, Friends! 

In the Day Program, we understand that young children may not be able to read on their own. We also understand that some parents may not feel comfortable reading English stories to their little ones. Since the purpose of this program is to excite children and to encourage the wonderful habit of reading, Day Program teachers will count books read by adults to students in English and Chinese. We encourage friends and relatives to participate by reading to our little ones in both languages. However, if a student can read in English, we do expect students to read English stories to their family members. We hope that, as a school, we will read more than 3,000 books by the end of the month! Come back to this page to check our progress throughout March! 

2020 Day Program Reading Challenge: "A Race Through Space"