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Back to School!

posted Aug 19, 2015, 7:47 PM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Aug 19, 2015, 7:49 PM ]
Hello all, and welcome back to Happy Kids! After shutting down for 3 weeks this month to get geared up for the new school year, classes are back in session, and we couldn't be more excited.

We loved seeing all of our Day Program students on Tuesday, bright-eyed and excited to see their friends after a long summer. It was fun to welcome our new students too. Some we're nervous at first, but we all know that soon they will looking forward to getting up every morning to walk through the Big Red Doors.

Remember, ASLA classes begin on Monday, August 24th. Hopefully, our ASLA students have been remembering to keep up their reading over the summer. The Middle School Program gets started the latest on Saturday, August 29th. Mr. Brunken is really looking forward to see our oldest Happy Kids back ready to learn and have fun.

This year, Happy Kids has two new teachers. Ms. Deng and Ms. Whitehead had to leave us to pursue other opportunities this summer, but we are proud to welcome Ms. Klemp (Reception and Grade 1) and Ms. Taing (Grade 1 EB, Happy Scientists, and Grade 2) to the Happy Kids team. They have been hard at work for weeks to get ready to meet our Happy Kids. Please give them a warm welcome when you see them.

Thank you all for your continued support. We are looking forward to another fantastic school year. Make sure you check out the Day Program and ASLA Happenings pages to learn what is going on in each program, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.