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Our Facilties

Our school was designed and built with the needs of young children in mind. Our bright, spacious classrooms are set-up to promote growth in all developmental domains: cognitive, physical, social, and emotional.

Our classrooms are arranged so that children can freely select learning materials according to their interests and abilities. This environment also promotes independence and problem solving skills.

Our program is well-stocked with quality learning materials and resources, books, and toys which are rotated based on the children's needs and interests. Our library boasts an expansive collection of English language books for children of all ages. 

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Our Day Program and ASLA classrooms are designed with the physical and cognitive needs of our students in mind.

Our fun, safe Recess Room provides hours of fun and exercise for the kids each week.

Effective language learning can only happen with sustained reading practice. Our library helps build and maintain healthy reading habits.