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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

posted Aug 27, 2018, 1:56 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Aug 27, 2018, 1:57 AM ]

Hello ASLA parents and friends! The long summer is over and this week we kick off the new 2018-2019 school year. Our wonderful Happy Kids staff hs been preparing for weeks for the kids' arrival today. It was great to see all of the kids that came today. They looked well rested, a bit sun tanned, and excited to see all of their Happy Kids friends and teachers again.

Please help me welcome our three new teachers this year. Mr. Beer is joining us from the UK. He will be teaching Grade 5 this year. Ms. Scanlan is joining from the US after teaching in South Korea. She will be teaching Grade 3. and Ms. Miyamoto is joining us from Hawaii where she taught early elementary kids. She will be teaching Grade 2. Mr. Brunken, Mr. Holland, Ms. Koh, and Ms. Chou are all back this year. Wit hsuch a great teaching team, I know your children will have a fantastic year.

Please see the Principal's Note for this month below. Some really good information in there. As always feel free to contact Mr. Brunken if you have questions or conernes about the Program this year. 

Meet our ASLA Star Readers for the Fall Semester

posted Jan 9, 2018, 12:55 AM by Jason Brunken

We are happy to announce our Star Readers from the ASLA Program for the fall semester. Star Readers are nominated by their teachers. One to two students from each class are given this honor for showing exemplary improvement, enthusiasm, and performance in independent reading during the semester. At Happy Kids, we work hard to motivate the kids to take time to read outside of school because we know that habitual reading is the best way to ensure students make continued progress in their language development. We hope our Star Readers help show the way for more of our Happy Kids to choose reading when they take a break from their other studies. 

Take a minute to learn more about out Star Readers from this semester below by clicking through the slideshow.

On to second semester

posted Jan 7, 2018, 1:10 AM by Jason Brunken

Happy New Year! I can't believe we are halfway through the semester already. Can you? It seems like just yesterday that I was introducing new students to my class. That's how it always goes through...too fast.

Coming up in January is the conclusion of our Annual Book Drive. Thank you to all of our Happy Kids families who have donated books. It's not too late to donate. You can continue to bring in books all of January. I hope we can beat our total from last year of 200 books.

Winter break is just around the corner too. Remember, Happy Kids will continue to have classes until February 9 when we go on Winter Break for two weeks. We hope the kids can continue to come to class when they go on break from elementary school in late January. We have a lot of fun learning planned.

Below is the Principal's Note for this month. Thank you all again for your continued support. 

Happy November: Fall is here!

posted Nov 5, 2017, 5:04 AM by Jason Brunken

Hello ASLA friends. It seems that the heat of this year's long summer has finally left and fall has arrived with November just in time for a nice and cool Halloween celebration. We had a lot of fun this past month at Happy Kids. Fall Parent-Teacher Conference went very well and helped build a strong home-to-school connection that will help best serve our Happy Kids. 

Also, this past Monday, we had our annual ASLA Halloween Fun House. The Fun House is always an awesome time each year we do it. Though we are a little sad some of our little friends were a bit too scared to try out the Haunted House, we are glad that they all had fun doing a little trick-or-treating, playing games, and doing the other activities our teachers prepared for them.

No major ASLA events coming up in November, but we have a solid month of learning planned for our Happy Kids. The Happy Kids Book Drive starts this month too. If you have any old books that aren't getting any love at home, please bring them in to school November through January so we can give them to kids that can give them the love they deserve. See the flier below for more detail. Also below is this month's Principal's Note with a great reading resource. Check it out!

Happy October!

posted Oct 1, 2017, 6:36 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Oct 1, 2017, 6:37 AM ]

Hello ASLA friends! October is here, and it will be a fun month in the program. Not only do we have Moon Festival and National Day coming up early this month, but Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences and our annual ASLA Halloween Fun House are waiting later in the month. 

The year has gotten off to a great start. We had new friends join us in the program, and plenty of all friends coming back for another great year. We are also welcoming five new teachers to Happy Kids this year. Please take a minute to say hi to Mr. Mitchell (Grade 1EB, Happy Scientists, and Grade 5), Ms. Chou (Happy Scientists and Grade 4), Ms. King (Grade 3), Ms. Carlson (Grade 2), and Ms. Koh (Grade 1). We lucky to et again have another team of dedicated, experienced teachers to help our Happy Kids Grow.

Take a minute to read the Principal's Notes from both October and September below. I make sure to always put some great, useful information for parents in there. I am especially happy to share Epic, a Netflix for books, that kids can use to "stream" books to their devices from anywhere, anytime. Check it out today.

March (Reading) Madness

posted Mar 1, 2017, 6:13 PM by Jason Brunken

March is here, and at Happy Kids, that means it's time for the Annual Reading Challenge. The time we all go a little crazy for reading. This year Happy Kids's staff has whipped together a fun new reading challenge theme for the kids: Race Across Time. We will put the spotlight on history as our Reading Challenge teams zip across time in their custom-built time machines. At the end of the month we have a hilarious and original dramatic performance for the kids, tons of prizes, and pizza! We look forward to all of our Happy Kids parents' help in reminding students of healthy reading habits and encourage reading time at home. None of this would be possible without your awesome contributions and support. Be sure to follow all of the Race Across Time Reading Challenge action on this special webpage.

Also coming up this month on March 23-24 are Parent-Teacher Conferences. Be in contact with your child's teacher to set up a time that is convenient for both of you to meet and discuss your child's progress. 

Take some time to read this month's ASLA Principal's Note that went home this week. There are some great tips for encouraging kids to read more at home in there. 

A New Year, A New Semester

posted Jan 20, 2017, 1:29 AM by Jason Brunken

Happy New Year! Winter Break and the Lunar New Year are upon us. From everyone in the ASLA Program and at Happy Kids, have a safe and hearty new year celebration with all of your family and friends. 

Please note that there will be no ASLA classes from January 21 through February 3. Middle School Program will begin classes again on February 4th and the rest of ASLA will begin again on February 6. We can't wait to see all of our Happy Kids back ready to learn.

Below is this month's ASLA Principal's Note. I included some links to great resources that can help your kids' minds stay fresh over the break. I hope you find it useful. 

Congratulations to our ASLA Reading Stars!

posted Dec 8, 2016, 7:48 AM by Jason Brunken

Happy December! Christmas is just around the corner, and we had a special present for some of our most outstanding young readers at Happy Kids this week.  Keep reading to find out more.

At Happy Kids we emphasize good reading habits above all else. We do this because we know that students who read English often will develop fluency, vocabulary, spelling prowess, and their writing faster and more effectively. Students who read become multi-lingual and life-long learners. For this reason, we push reading starting with our youngest students. We also spend a whole month emphasizing reading in March with our annual Reading Challenge.

This year we wanted to get the kids focused on reading even earlier in the year with our 1st Annual Happy Kids Book Drive where kids can bring in English-language books from home to donate to other kids around Taiwan. Part of this event (which ends after Christmas Break) is our first ever honoring of ASLA Reading Stars.

ASLA Reading Stars is a program started this year that recognizes 1-2 students from each ASLA class that have demonstrated exceptional or much improved reading habits during the semester. This semester, 13 students were chosen to be our first ever ASLA Reading Stars.  These students received awesome certificates and will be featured by the Red Door until next semester. So stop by and see our Reading Stars!

In case you missed it, he December ALSA Principal's Note went home this past week. There are some great tips in there for talking to your Child about school. Also an amazing online resource for those kids who really love photography and science. Check out the Principal's Note below.

Fall Greetings!

posted Nov 13, 2016, 6:48 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated Nov 13, 2016, 6:48 AM ]

Fall has finally come with a changing of the weather. November is here and with it a new Happy Kids event. But first, the ASLA Halloween Fun House was a great success. We are glad all of the kids had such an awesome time. The haunted house was scarier than ever, we had Spider Puzzles, Spider Web Tag, and Witch's Broom golf for the kids to play and a spooky mask and decorative cookies for the kids to enjoy making. It was a lot of fun. Congratulations to our costume contest winners!

The Happy Kids Book Drive started this month. This is a new event where the school is accepting gently-used, English-language books for children (ages 2-16). I hope all of our ASLA students can bring in at least one book to share with someone in need this year. The books we collect will be given to school and municipal libraries around the country in need of more English literature.

To see what else is going on this month, see the ALSA Principal's Note below. 

ASLA is back. School starts today!

posted Aug 28, 2016, 6:17 PM by Jason Brunken

The day is finally here! After a month off for cleaning, repairs, and preparation for this school year, the Red Doors are open and ready for the return of our ASLA Happy Kids. We hope everyone had a fun-filled and relaxing summer break, I know we did, but we are even more excited now as our favorite time of the year is here: A new school year is starting!

Our amazing team of teachers have been working hard the past two weeks to get their classrooms and plans ready for the coming month and school year. I know you all won't be disappointed with the high quality instruction and friendly, welcoming environment Happy Kids has in store for your children this year.  

It's a big day, and I know we're ready to get started. Are you? See this month's Principal's Note for helpful information about the beginning of the school year as well as helpful resources and tips for getting the year started right, like getting those reading habits established with our all new ASLA Reading Lists.

See you all soon.

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