ASLA Program

The Happy Kids After School Language Arts (ASLA) Program was first established in 1996 out of a request from our former students’ parents who were looking for a way to continue the high level of English their children had acquired from attending our Day Program. Like the Day Program, the ASLA Program offers a fun and pressure-free learning environment that not only academically prepares students for success with English but also reinforces our core values of nurturing kids who are kind, honest, resilient, imaginative, expressive, and always growing. Our program puts process over product and emphasizes character development along with academic progress.

The ASLA Program uses an immersive curriculum delivered all in English. The majority of our learning material come from the Journeys series published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. The Journeys curriculum is supplemented alongside extension activities and lessons designed by Happy Kids's staff of industry-leading teachers to challenge students to progress no matter their current level.

The ASLA Program serves students from Kindergarten through grade six. Following sixth grade graduation, our Program for Upper Level Students offers unique learning opportunities Saturday mornings for our students in middle and high school.

Please take some time to view the short video below for an introduction to and a glimpse into what happens in the ASLA Program. For a more detailed introduction to the program you can also watch this video. Feel free to contact us for more information about the opportunities our ASLA and Program for Upper Level Students can offer your child.